Aurorah is an intuitive designer, animator, film , photographer and astrologer. In addition to hosting the astrology and mindfulness podcast Blood Moon Milk she’s also a professional creative with a decade of experience. Day to day she’s currently in house creative for RaceTrac as their Multimedia Artist. On average a million people a day see her work in stores. She’s also designed restaurants, worked on massive broadcasting projects like the London Olympics, and the Super Bowl. She graduated in 2011 with an honors degree in animation production from the University of Arts Bournemouth. Going on to work on animated series, pilots, and even the odd feature film.( you can see her IMDB credits here).

Intuitive design simply means that she uses all of her skills when she approaches a creative project- including astrology, and her gifts as an intuitive. You can find out more about her work with astrology over at Blood Moon Milk.

“I’m fascinated by the world I’m surrounded by.  I have a knack for picking up on the abstract qualities that make a something unique and can translate that in a way that’s remarkable. One project inspires another and another, and so this body of work is built organically. In my personal time, I love traveling, writing, and snuggling my adorable dog, Pickle.”