pic1   I’m fascinated by the world I’m surrounded by, I constantly look, observe and think about my surroundings. I have a knack for picking up on the qualities that make a person, place or thing unique to this world, and being able to translate that in a way that’s memorable. I think this habit or gift is integral to what makes me a successful artist and animator.  One day I may work on a bit of custom lettering for a start up, another day it’s animating for a billion dollar company.  The lettering work can most definitely influence the animation- and vice versa ( you can see my IMDB credits here). One project inspires another and another, and so this experience is built organically from all the places I tend to bumble about.  Currently, I am the Multimedia Artist for a large retailer by day and by night I run my own design studio- Spoken Word Pictures ( by appointment only). In my personal time, I love traveling, writing, and riding the occasional motorcycle.

You can read my blog which chronicles my adventures in travel, food, photography, and other creative musings and ramblings at www.wnderfull.net