Aurorah is an artist and filmmaker turned journalist with a focus on creating impactful, high-brow culturally relevant original content. Her strong creative vision is guided by experience, research, critical thinking, and intuition and is adapted for various uses across every media platform from traditional broadcast, social media, and even print. 

 A clear communicator, with professional experience developing creative solutions for film and television production and visual storytelling across a variety of mediums that looks to connect strategic dots for mutually beneficial business partnerships.   

In the past, I have designed restaurants, and mural designs for some of the world’s largest brands, and worked on massive broadcasting projects like the London Olympics and the Super Bowl. I graduated in 2011 with an Honors degree in Animation Production from the University of Arts Bournemouth in England and moved back to my hometown of Atlanta Georgia where I am currently based. While I have an education in visual storytelling through the medium of animation, and I have worked in the animation industry on animated series, pilots, and even the odd feature film ( you can see my IMDB credits here) the current scope of my focus has moved beyond that. 

I’m fascinated by the way art improves society on every level. Through my work, I aim to pick up on the abstract qualities that make something unique and translate that concept into something easily understood, and accessible for others to understand. One project inspires another and then another so the body of work represented here is organic, built by a unified vision for a better future for everyone through art and understanding.