Passion Projects

These are the projects that keep the flames of creative passion alive. If you follow me on social then you might get a sneak peek at these guys in the works.



Blood Moon Milk
 A bi-weekly podcast ( every new moon & every full moon ) about astrology and mindful meditation techniques. It started out in 2018 as a passion project on the side and has since grown to have over 1000 monthly listeners. I write, record and produce the show as well as all the art for it.   If you’re into woo woo stuff, give it a listen. You can find it on iTunes, Stitcher, and here.  You can also find us on social @bloodmoonmilk

The Daily Dose
Spawned from Blood Moon Milk. It’s a (nearly) daily email newsletter that is beautifully animated and describes that days most important astrological transits in a down to earth yet upbeat kind of way. Some of the animations I made for the newsletter are below. If you’re interested in signing up it’s only $5 a month and you can do that here

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