Passion Projects

These are the projects that keep the flames of creative passion alive. If you follow me on social then you might get a sneak peek at these guys! ( hint hint…)

Currently in Progress

AC3V6922Working Title
Currently, I’m working on a short live-action documentary film about a Dine´ ( Navajo ) woman who grew up on the Navajo Nation Reservation and left to become a top-tier makeup artist in New York. I’m behind the camera and in the editing bay on this project.
This is currently in production. Stay tuned for more info.

BMM Logo2-01

Blood Moon Milk
Bi-weekly podcast ( every new moon & every full moon ) about astrology and mindful meditation techniques. I co-host it and do all the arts and social media management for it. If you’re into woo woo stuff, give it a listen. You can find it on iTunes , Stitcher, and here.  You can also find us on social @bloodmoonmilk

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